Time the LRT has been running

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Route Stats

Static Stats

  • Total length
  • Total Time
  • Number of stops
  • Average of time between stops
  • First bus time
  • Last bus time
  • Calendar (when it runs)
  • Map (where it runs)
  • Known variants list

Dynamic Stats

  • Days without issue:
    • Streak
    • Current Record
  • Last time we got a status report (non critical)
  • Average time between reports
  • Average Fullness (frutitic measurement scale for LRT)
  • Average Hostage count
  • Average Stand Off Time

Report Stats

  • Total late Reports
  • Percent of trips Later
  • Total full Reports
  • Percent of trips full
  • Average quality (Quality report average/algorithm)
  • Reliability index (Issues over time per km's)
  • Most plagued trip (time, name, location)
  • Most affected (canceled) stops
  • Most canceled times
  • Most reported problem
  • Total hours stranding customers
  • Average minutes stranding customers


  • The number of times a scheduled line is postponed without notice to the next scheduled take off time.
    • It happens every few times and delay time is too small to complain with result but enough to miss plans/next bus transfer out of luck on any day.
  • Show crime reports involving buses. Pathway -> Reports -> Police Action
  • Later when we get more active crowd sourcing. We can do ridership stats from internal OCC metrics (boarding/leaving/transfers) and stats where "ridership vs XXXX" - like "Riders vs KM's served" or "Time the bus runs empty" etc.

Got an idea?

Send it to @OccTranspo on Twitter or shoot us an email control.ottawa via gmail.com and we will add it up


Unique routes


Scheduled trips


Unique stops


Scheduled stops this 4 months period

Transit system stats

Ottawa's transit service by the numbers

OC Transpo GTFS



Population of Ottawa


Number of trips from Jan 01 2022 to April 20 2022


Total late reports


Percentage of trips reported late


Total full reports


Percentage of trips reported full


Average quality algorithm


Average reliability index

85 Bayshore


Most plagued trip

Bayshore 2A

Most abandoned stop


Most canceled time


173 Reports

Most reported problem

OCC Bus Report Stats

Crowd sourced and automated statistics from reporting since Jan 01 2022.

OCC Data

23-04-2022 - 10:04

120H 23M

Total time stranding paying bus customers

Since 01-01-2022 - 00:00 till 23-04-2022 - 10:04

OCC Data

23-04-2022 - 10:04